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here comes college life;

Still cant get enough of bunnies! ;p

As you read from my previous post, I got enrolled in TARC college and I just went to the first orientation day 
and Im blogging this already .. and things werent so good :( 
They have done alotsa  briefing about repeat or resit the course (if you failed in the course) 
And on the first day, feeling so stress already wtf.   All the negative thoughts pop up in my mind.. 
Cannot breathe lolol   Never had stress in my whole life, thats why   -_- 
Plus, they made us to join co-cu or else we cant graduate .. seriously .. 

Secondly, I have to stay in hostel cause impossible to cross the bridge to sch  everyday right! :(
Never knew I am such a mama-girl,  gets home sick damn easily lolol can never leave home ..
miss home miss my bed miss everything .. 
First day only already miss home like fuck.    Btw HAHHAHAHAH my drawing. 

What make thing worse is, I stay in this crowded room which contains 6 people included me wtf. 
As crowded as foreigner workers to me.    
I put all the blames on the irresponsible agent uncle, knowing the room full already still rent out to people, at last who is the pity one? US LAH.  Thought we satin meh, 6 people squeeze a room, even walk also can not convenient ah  ;@  

The worst damn thing is, everybody seem to gang up already!   ;(   
All of them walking around with whole gang that you impossible to join in,  sometimes when I try talk to one of them, she just turned around to her bitches and show them the 'wtf is wrong with this girl'    never felt so forever alone before TT
My dream to make more new friends in college -  G O N E  
 I dont know why  -____-  maybe its just the first day aight.  People's guard up too tight.

They keep telling me that things will get better and I really hope so. I pray for this more then ever :(
Goodluck to me and everyone else who faces the same problem with me! 
 (but why I seemed like the only one who faces the most problems lolol)   

Will update more when Im free :D !!