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VICTORIA ROSSA | English Tea Room

Went to tea @ Victoria Rossa English Teas Room with girlfriendsss 

Been wanting to try it and that day, we were actually starving and wanted to go Harvest In cafe to dine
But we got there earlier, about 5pm++  (Harvest In cafe opens at 6pm) 
And we were all like, lets go check out the famous tea ^^  which is well-known by their decoration lolol
Lucky us get to seat in the private room/ VIP room or smtg lolol 
So happy lar cos we can take photos all we want and make all noises without bothering others ^^!!
Yours truly.
The private room decoration iz nice rightttttt <33 big lovesss
More photo of me.  Mad love the lighting! <33
Menu iz <33 
They have this rule: everyone must be spending there.  
Its like you cannot share the tea, or you can. Just that the other person need to order another stuff :S
However also wanna make you spend.

Us girls wanna save the stomach for dinner,  so we ordered 3 pots of tea & 1 cold drink.
The price range of each pot of tea is like RM9 - RM10++. Affordable one.

the Isabella tea, quite ok ok lar.
the Special Blend one, smells lovely but taste like fuck  -..-
the Edelweiss mint tea or smtg, me likey this one.  
Hmmm some cold drink, Maze's blend or smtg.

We did ordered the butter cake too. It was sooo damn tiny until I forgot to take its pix lolol
The waitress strongly recommend it until siaw, so we just ordered lah.
No pics but it was good ^^!!   Should try out the scones next time.

The lovely wrapped basket to let us put our bag. So thoughtful  <33

More photos of the restaurant before I spam with us girls crazy selfies:
Decoration so nice right!  But too bad that couldnt get more photos as the second floor was closed.

Girls of the day <33
Fancy photo effect, originally effect from camera yo - Sony NEX F3.
You guys have been questioning so much about my cameras, review will up soon :DD
Dini, the birthday girl <33
HHAHAHAHAHA I love this one cos looked like Ivor was fanning her own self with her hand
And I was like 'Bitch, chill' hahahahaha 
Timer OWNED.  Cos too paise to ask waitress to take so many ma tskkk
The epic bitches pull hair shoot HAHHAHAHA
I went the craziest cos I couldnt stop laughing HAHAHHAHA so geli.
Ivor so enjoy hami.

Outdoor tourist shoot.  The lovely waitress so nice oh hahahah.
Victoria Rossa English Tea Room  
Address:33,Jalan Irrawady,10350 Penang.  (opposite of Harvest in cafe)
Tel:04 2269128 

Victoria Rossa English Tea Room serves all things quintessentially British including the afternoon tea, freshly baked butter cake and raisin scones with strawberry jam and Devonshire clotted cream. Our Old-Fashioned English Breakfast tea is a match with scones whilst our Edwardian’s Special Blend tea is perfect with the Orange cake. Victoria Rossa’s Rose tea is also delicious with our delightful Old English butter cakes. 
- Victoria Rossa English Tea Room.

So the conclusion is.. we have only tried their teas so I wont be able to rate their scones set.
Plus the teas we ordered were so-so only ://  maybe bcos I went for the wrong flavor
I demanded for smtg qing tan, so its quite my own faults  -__-
Will definitely go back for the signature Victoria Rossa's World Finest English Tea ! :))
sounds so fine lolol

and not to be mentioned, our dinner @ Harvest In Cafe.

Candid shot. So nice hor HAHHAHAHAH was typing phone & Ivor asked me to look up.
 Fish Cordon Bleu.
 smtg like Fusion mixed spaghetti with Chef's special sauce. The best! 
 Mushroom Steak. 
Cheesy Chicken Spicy Rice.

Add on one RM5.50 then you can get soup of the day + drinks (on yr choice) + dessert of the day.
Super worth one lah! 

Feels like I havent been blogging about myself, its all about foods foods foods lately :// 
But there is actually ntg special happen in my life. Except that I have been selected in NS second batch.
Not even sure whether am I going  ;//  any suggestion?
Will update for more!   Thank you whoever readin this, ilyyyyyyyyyyyyy   


  1. wahhh. Im going to this place on this sunday! Looking forward! :D

    1. yes its a must go place for girls! looking forward to your post too ;)

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